A solo play with music, visuals, and dance following the reigniting of creative passion and the rediscovery of a forgotten voice.

I began reclaiming myself as a woman and an artist when I first wrote “Georgia” in 2010 remembering the parts of myself that had been lost or left on the sidelines of my life; the part of me that was shut down. The part of me coming alive in my own story and learning to speak again, to have a voice after a long silence. Georgia’s life mirrors Sarah’s in location, West Texas, in creative process, in social/sexual obstacles, marriage and art, woman in a man’s world, and as O’Keeffe did as an older woman, pulling her power back into her body and being who she was meant to be. Sarah asks Georgia:  “How did you do that?”

 Finally, in this retelling of my story, I have been driving down that road once again from Santa Fe on the way to Abiquiu and becoming my own resource and as a mentor, calling people to be a part of this. Traveling back to Santa Fe and Abiquiu and remembering what I wrote ten years ago and how I have changed. Discovered how aging well means cultivating creativity, voice and helping people shift their relationship to it. To wake up and not collapse into a hole but instead deepen our understanding of who we are as persons of a deepened spiritual being.  Contradicting the culture of perfectionism.  Modeling how to be courageous, strong, intimate, and vulnerable.

Vision: Georgia & Me

I invite people of all ages to explore the terrain of their imagination, married to their personal story, and be moved and inspired by it “paying attention” to be present enough to “see” what’s going on in front of them, and then, taking action.

Georgia & Me has been further developed under the tutelage of director/dramaturge Zoya Kachadurian.

In the late 70’s, I visited one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s last exhibits, which was at the Whitney Museum in New York City. I became aware that from 1916 to 1918 she had taught school and lived in Canyon, Texas, only a couple of hundred miles north of where I grew up. I recognized the landscape in her Palo Duro Canyon work. She be­came a kind of bridge for me to appreciate my own childhood landscape and to under­stand where I was born.

I have had the privilege of researching Georgia O’Keeffe at the Whitney and the Met­ropolitan Museums in New York, at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and Archives in Santa Fe, all in New Mexico. I have visited Canyon, Texas and the Palo Duro Canyon on the west Texas plains. Georgia once said, “Texas is my spiritual home.”

The first words for Georgia & Me were put on paper in writing classes given by Ruth Herman at the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord, MA.

Matt Hoverman’s “How to Create Your Own Solo Show Workshop.” was where Georgia & Me was developed into a play format. Matt is New York’s premier solo show teacher/coach and was winner of the 2006 FringeNYC award for Outstanding Playwright. Matt’s website is: http://www.createyourownsoloshow.com.


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